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Nuestro Vaso de Agua, ca. 2023

Nuestro Vaso de Agua, ca. 2023

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  • Description

    Acrylic on Canvas
    18 × 24 × 1 in | 45.7 × 61 × 2.5 cm
    This is a unique work
    This work includes a Certificate of Authenticity

  • About the Artist

    Eduardo Reinier Castillo Sáez, born September 6, 1984, in Camaguey, Cuba, graduated from the Artes Plásticas Academia de las Artes "Vicentina de la Torre" in 2006. Balancing roles as a Specialist in Plastic Arts and a primary school teacher, I served as Conservator B at the "Museo Provincial Ignacio Agramonte" from 2011 to 2013. Solo exhibitions like "Reloj de arena" and "Regalo para un angel" showcase my talent, while collective exhibitions like the XXXI Edición del Salón "Fidelio Ponce de León" underscore my impact. My dedication extends to public art installations, with accolades including the Distincion from the "Calibri" project in 2017 and a 2016 prize from the same project, both rooted in Camaguey, Cuba.