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Avi Ben Simhon



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  • Description

    Avi Ben Shimon Serigraphy on paper. 21.5 x 28 Framed
    This work includes a Certificate of Authenticity

  • About the Artist

    "Avi Ben Simhon, born in Fez, Morocco, in 1947, crafts artworks marked by vibrant colors and dynamic textures, evoking joy. Influenced by Fauvist and Cubist masters like Picasso, Dali, and Magritte, his compositions intricately blend beauty and complexity. Despite humble beginnings in Jerusalem, where art materials were scarce, Ben-Simhon's innate passion led to prolific works. A self-proclaimed ""crazy painter,"" his hiatus preceded a resurgence. Today, his paintings, reminiscent of a children's coloring book with bold lines and lively colors, garner international acclaim. Collected globally, his art, rooted in graphic printing, stands as a unique and prized fusion of artistic brilliance and emotive resonance.