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The Psalms of David Book 7

The Psalms of David Book 7

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  • Description

    illustrated Book 7.00x10.00
    Each book comes with a different Abecassis drawing

  • About the Artist

    Born in Marrakesh, Morocco in 1953, Raphael Abecassis now resides in Southern Israel, where he crafts vibrant scenes of Jewish life. His unique creations tell tales of Jewish culture and religion, enlightening collectors worldwide with their symbolism and history. Abecassis employs various mediums, bringing his art to life with a palette of glorious colors. Renowned for his decoupage work, he meticulously layers 3-dimensional figures, Biblical verses, and religious imagery. A gifted storyteller, Abecassis won Israel's prestigious Independence Day poster design competitions in 1986 and 1991. His stained glass masterpiece, "Sephardic Heritage Windows," adorns the Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel in Los Angeles, narrating the saga of Sephardic Jews. With international tours and exhibitions worldwide, Abecassis has become the voice of a generation, sharing the enduring story of his people through his remarkable art.