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The Fab Four, ca. 2023

The Fab Four, ca. 2023

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  • Description

    Mixed Media on Canvas
    35 × 48 in | 88.9 × 121.9 cm
    This is a unique work
    This work includes a Certificate of Authenticity

  • About the Artist

    In the embrace of the Galilee, Northern Israel, Michael Waizman emerged in 1966, infusing his creative spirit into diverse art forms since childhood. His journey, a poetic dance through collage, silk printing, drawing, painting, and digital art, unveils extraordinary images that linger in the hearts of art enthusiasts. Each stroke of passion and carefully crafted masterpiece tells a love story, resonating with connoisseurs and admirers alike. Waizman's unique approach yields rich and striking artworks, a testament to the profound connection between artist and canvas that captivates the soul.