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Looking Through, ca. 2010

Looking Through, ca. 2010

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  • Description

    Acrylic on Canvas
    19 1/2 × 15 1/2 × 1 in | 49.5 × 39.4 × 2.5 cm
    This is a unique work
    This work includes a Certificate of Authenticity

  • About the Artist

    In 1936, within Romania's romantic ambiance, Shlomo Alter, born into a family of restaurateurs, discovered his artistic calling. His journey led him to Israel in 1948, where, under Aaron Avni's guidance, he painted soft pastel masterpieces featured in UNICEF's global exhibition. Wisdom from painter Marsel Yanko in the sixties influenced his artistry.

    In 1975, Shlomo devoted himself entirely to his craft. Since then, his enchanting works have adorned exhibitions across the USA, Canada, Europe, and Israel. Shlomo's art, a poetic dance of soft impressionism and whimsical naivety, transcends canvas boundaries, embracing original serigraphy to capture the delicate nuances of his soulful strokes.