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Avi Ben Simhon

Flower Pot Single, ca. 2000

Flower Pot Single, ca. 2000

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  • Description

    Acrylic on Canvas
    48 × 18 × 2 in | 121.9 × 45.7 × 5.1 cm
    This is a unique work
    This work includes a Certificate of Authenticity

  • About the Artist

    Avi Ben-Simhon was born in Morocco and his family made aliyah to Israel in 1948, when Avi was one. When he was a child, his family was poor and he didn’t have access to paints, crayons or paper, however he used whatever he could find to express himself artistically. Ben-Simhon therefore was always drawing on newspaper with charcoal and his mother, seeing his talent, encouraged him. After doing his military service, Avi Ben-Simhon became a founder member of Kibbutz Eyal, in the center of Israel, where he lives and works. Avi Ben-Simhon only started his formal art education in 1986 when he went to the Avni Art Institute, the oldest art school in Tel Aviv. He then studied at the Kallisher Institute, an institute of contemporary art. After finishing his art training, Ben-Simhon worked from his studio on the kibbutz and began to teach art, graphics and printing. He is considered a Modern Fauvist Painter.